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Tampere University of Technology

Department of Signal Processing

Audio Research Group (ARG)

Contact information
E-mail: pasi . pertila @ tut . fi Address
Tel: +358 40 8490 786 Korkeakoulunkatu 1
room: TC318 P.O.box 553
33101 Tampere, Finland
List of Publications
Book Chapters
  1. Pertilä P., Brutti A., Svaizer P., Omologo M.,Multichannel source activity detection, localization, and tracking, in Audio Source Separation and Speech Enhancement, Eds. Emmanuel Vincent, Tuomas Virtanen, Sharon Gannot, ISBN: 978-1-119-27989-1, 512 pages [HTML]
  2. Pertilä P., Microphone array-based speech enhancement using neural networks, in Parametric Time-Frequency Domain Spatial Audio eds. Ville Pulkki, Symeon Delikaris-Manias, Archontis Politis, Wiley 2017 [HTML]
  3. Delikaris-Manias S., Pertilä P., Time-Frequency Domain Spatial Audio Enhancement, in Parametric Time-Frequency Domain Spatial Audio eds. Ville Pulkki, Symeon Delikaris-Manias, Archontis Politis, Wiley 2017 [HTML]
Journal articles
  1. Parviainen, Pertilä, "Self-localization of Dynamic User-Worn Microphones From Observed Speech", Applied Acoustics, Volume 117, Part A, February 2017, Pages 76-85, 2017, [PDF] [URL]
  2. Pertilä, Nikunen, "Distant Speech Separation using Predicted Time-Frequency Masks from Spatial Features", Speech Communication, 2015, vol.68, pp. 97-106, [URL]. [PDF] [Audio samples], [Audio slides]
  3. Pertilä, Hämäläinen, Mieskolainen, "Passive Temporal Offset Estimation of Multichannel Recordings of an Ad-Hoc Microphone Array", IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech and Language Processing, 2013, vol.21, no. 11, pp. 2393-2402. [PDF] [publisher URL]
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  5. Pertilä "Online Blind Speech Separation using Multiple Acoustic Speaker Tracking and Time-Frequency Masking", Computer Speech and Language, Volume 27, Issue 3, May 2013, Pages 683-702, Special Issue on Speech Separation and Recognition in Multisource Environments [doi] [PDF], samples [URL] Summary [URL] [bib]
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Conference articles
  1. Parviainen M., Pertilä P., Obtaining an Optimal Set of Head-Related Transfer Functions with a Small Amount of Measurements, SIPS, 2017.
  2. Pertilä, Cakir, "Robust Direction Estimation with Convolutional Neural Networks-based Steered Response Power", ICASSP, 2017. [PDF], presentation slides [PDF]
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Technical Reports
  1. Pertilä, P. 2007. Sound source localization in a Bayesian framework. In: Koivisto, P. (ed.). Digest of TISE Seminar 2007, Nokia, Finland, 5 June 2007 6 pp. 64-69.
  2. Pertilä, P. 2005. Sound source localization - a spatiotemporal approach. In: Koivisto, P. (ed.). Digest of TISE Seminar 2005, Terälahti, Tampere, Finland, 30 May 2005 4 pp. 9-11.
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PhD Thesis
  • Pertilä, P. Acoustic Source Localization in a Room Environment and at Moderate Distances, Ph.D. thesis, Tampere University of Technology, Tampere, Finland, January 2009. The introduction part of the thesis [URL].
MSc Thesis
  1. Pertilä, P. Äänilähteen passiiviset paikannusmenetelmät, (Passive Localization of a Sound Source). p.61, May 2003.
Popular Articles
  1. Pirinen, T., Pertilä, P. & Korhonen, T. 2007. Seinille kasvaa korvat. Prosessori 2007 2, pp. 46-47.
  2. J. Hakulinen, M. Hansen, E. Mäkinen, P. Pertilä, J. Rantala, H. Soronen, M. Turunen, Piirtäjä: T. Hujala. Ihminen kodin kaukosäätimenä - Tamperelaisen Mediamuseo Rupriikin pilotissa kerätään tietoa nykytekniikoiden sopivuudesta jokapäiväisiin askareisiin. Tavoitteena on tuottaa suomen kielellä kommunikoiva älykäs ympäristö. Prosessori Tammikuu / 2009
Academic Activities
  1. IEEE Member, Chapter Officer of Signal Processing and Circuits & Systems Chapter, IEEE Finland Section [URL]
Supervised MSc/BSc Thesis
  1. Tinakari, A., "Riippumattomien komponenttien analyysi äänilähteen paikantamisessa", BSc Thesis, Tampere University of Technology, 2012
  2. Adavanne, S. "Room Surface Estimation Using Reflection Coefficients Measured In-situ". Master's Thesis., Tampere University of Technology, p. 2011.
  3. Mäkinen, T., Impulssimaisten äänilähteiden havainnointi ja suuntiminen mikrofoniasetelman avulla, (Detection and direction estimation of impulsive sound sources using a microphone array), Tampere University of Technology, p.76, 09/2008.
  4. Löytynoja, A., Real-time Particle Filter Based Talker Localization Using Pure Data, Tampere University of Technology, p.58, 01/2009.
  • Lecturer at "SGN-4200 Digital Audio" course, during academic year 2012-2013
  • Assistant at introduction to signal processing course 2003.
  • Assistant at introduction to signal processing (for linguists) course 2002.
  • Assistant at Digital Audio course during semesters 05-06, 06-07 (SGN-4200).
  • TUT W3C Web Technology Day: Location and Positioning [html]
  • TÄPLÄ (Ambient intelligence based on sound, speech and multisensor interaction) develops methods for ubiquitous applications based on sound, speech, gestures, machine vision and their rich multimodal use, see Project description. (TÄPLÄ - Teknologiat Ääneen, Puheeseen ja moniaistisuuteen perustuvaan Läsnä-Älyyn. [Projektin sivut.])