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This page collect all material used by groups - links to web resources, document templates, instructions and so on. The materials will usually also be linked from the course schedule and other pages. You may find some extra materials here too.

Final Presentations Gala Day and Night Fri 09.02.2018, at TB104, during 1000-18 o'clock.

On this page: Links, Templates, Instructions, guidelines and tools, Other materials, Instructions for customers.


  • Link to course Moodle networking environment (returning of materials, meeting reservations). Link to Moodle2


We provide document templates for the required documents (Project plan, Final Report (= end report) and weekly report email).

You do not need to use these templates, but are free to do your own document, with 2 conditions:

  • The layout and formatting is similar to the templates provided (i.e., margins, headings, contents, etc. looks nice. Take special care with formatting if you use Google Docs.)
  • The content (headings) is essentially the same.

Templates are provided in .doc format

Instructions, guidelines and tools

Other materials

NOTE: The list contains earlier material, for your information.

Instructions for customers

Project topics (31 pcs) 2017-2018 as 06.09.2017 (PDF).

Project Management Days at TUT, program and materials (mostly in Finnish):

Projektinhallintapäivä TTY 2017

Projektinhallintapäivä TTY 2015

Projektinhallintapäivä TTY 2013

Projektinhallintapäivä TTY 2011

Projektinhallintapäivä TTY 2009

Projektinhallintapäivä TTY 2007.