Mytoe, automatic analysis of mitochondrial dynamics.

by E. Lihavainen, J. Mäkelä, J. N. Spelbrink, and A. S. Ribeiro (2012).

17.1.2012: Version 1.0.

Mytoe is a software for analyzing mitochondrial dynamics from fluorescence microscope images. The program can be used for the analysis of spatial properties of the mitochondrial structure, as well as the motion of mitochondria. Mytoe is implemented in MATLAB. In addition to the source code, a standalone Windows version is available, which does not require a MATLAB installation.



E. Lihavainen, J. Mäkelä, J. N. Spelbrink, and A. S. Ribeiro (2012) Mytoe: Automatic analysis of mitochondrial dynamics. Bioinformatics 7(28): 1050-1051. Link PDF  

Contact: andre.sanchesribeiro AT

Mytoe is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). The author's limited rights to the deployment of the Windows standalone version are governed by a certain license agreement between the author and MathWorks.

If you have a MATLAB installation, you can download the Mytoe source code. Users without MATLAB should download the Windows standalone version.

MATLAB source code
Windows standalone version

We also provide a set of confocal microscope images of a U2OS human osteosarcoma cell with fluorescently labeled mitochondria, nucleus and cell membrane.

Example images and data
User's manual
Supplementary file 

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