SGNS2 Stochastic Simulator

by Jason Lloyd-Price, Abhishekh Gupta, Andre S. Ribeiro


SGNS2 is an open source stochastic chemical kinetics simulator written in C++. It uses and expands upon the Next Reaction Method to include dynamic compartments, multi-delayed reactions, and several stochastic molecules partitioning schemes which can be applied on a per-molecule-type basis during cell division.

If you use SGNS2 in one of your publications, please cite:
J. Lloyd-Price, A. Gupta, and A. S. Ribeiro (2012) SGNS2: A Compartmentalized Stochastic Chemical Kinetics Simulator for Dynamic Cell Populations. Bioinformatics, 28(22):3004-5, doi: 10.1093/bioinformatics/bts556.


The current version is 2.1.170, updated 24.1.2017. Documentation is included.


Example models are available here, and include: