GSO Algorithm

Additional Results and Figures


The depth-map images used for compression are from the following datasets: REFERENCES
[1] S. B. Kang. MSR 3D Video Download.
[Online]. Available: MSR 3D Video Download.

[2] Middlebury.
[Online]. Available: The Middlebury repository Download.

Results and Figures

Ballet Breakdancers Middlebury

Results and Figures - synthesized view

For the datasets Balloons and Kendo [3], frame 0 from view 1 (depth + color) and view 3 (depth + color) are used as inputs for View Synthesis Reference Software (VSRS) [4] to synthesize the color image of view 2.

[3] Nagoya University FTV-3DV data.

[4] View Synthesis Reference Software (VSRS)
D. Tian, L. Lai, P. lopez, and C. Gomila, "View synthesis techniques for 3D video", in Proc. SPIE 7443, 2009.

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