Currently: Tampere University of Technology , Laboratory of Pervasive Computing

In near future: Tampere University, Computing unit.

TIE-21107 Software Engineering Methodologies (OTM)

TIE-21107 Software Engineering Methodologies, Spring 2019

TIE-21107, formerly TIE-21106, Software Engineering Methodologies.

During the course students will learn basics of development procesesses, and as a concrete example Scrum. In addition, we will cover aspects like version and configuration management, effort estimation, requirements management, etc.

The learnings are made concrete through a small project (exercise work) that is implemented in four person groups.

The schedule is organized around the sprints of that project assignment - Sprint 0: preparation - Sprint 1-4: development sprint with specific learning topics.

UTA students are welcome to this course. Such students should get user account to TUT's POP and Moodle. IT Helpdesk will help on that. This way before tuni-accounts are in wide use.

Link to UTA guide how to apply TUT (Tampere3) courses 2019.

Academic year 2018-19.

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