Welcome to the Home Page of GeNML!

At the present time the source code for the GeNML project is not available publicly. If you would like to be informed about further developments or to propose collaborative projects, please inform the Authors.

For verification purposes we have created executables for a bare DEcoder version of GeNML. You can use this decoder in conjunction to the ".gml" files, available from the Results page, to create the original DNA sequences. To do this, download the executable that matches your platform from the following list, then run it, specifying the name of the compressed and original files, in this order! (Warning: if a file exists with the name of the original file, it is overwritten without a question!) Example line for UNIX:

$ ./gunml chntxx.gml chntxx

creates the raw ``chntxx'' file from ``chntxx.gml.''

DISCLAIMER: the following executables are provided in the hope that they will be useful for people who want to check our results. However, the Authors are not responsible for any damage, that may arise by the use or misuse of these programs! Use these programs at your own risk!

The GeNML decoder (GuNML) is available for the following platforms:

This list will be extended later as we have more executables available for other platforms.

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