Seminar OHJ-1820 (4-6 op):
Web Application Development Seminar

Tampere University of Technology
Seminar OHJ-1820
Fall 2007

Seminar organizers:
Prof. Tommi Mikkonen
Dr. Antero Taivalsaari

Seminar Background and Motivation

The software industry is currently in the middle of a paradigm shift. Software applications are increasingly written for the World Wide Web, to be used from a web browser, rather than for conventional operating systems, specific computing architectures or devices. Examples of such web applications include online productivity applications (such as word processors, spreadsheets and calendars), social networking systems, online games, and so on. We believe that the trend towards web applications will continue and even strengthen in the future, causing a fundamental change in the way people develop, deploy and use software.

Back in Spring 2006, we arranged the first seminar on Web-Oriented Software Development in Finland. Since then, the technologies intended for web application development have matured considerably. Even though there are numerous web application development systems, only a handful of them are in more widespread, commercial use. Such systems include:

Seminar Goals and Format

In this seminar, we will investigate the emerging web application development technologies in the form of student presentations, application development exercises and group discussions. Students will prepare a presentation on one of the technologies that they choose, and will give a presentation in front of the seminar participants to summarize their findings. Students will also build sample applications using at least one of the technologies mentioned above.

Presentations may be prepared and presented in Finnish or English (English preferred if there are non-Finnish-speaking participants).

Intended Audience

The seminar is intended for third-year students and up. The seminar is suitable also for Ph.D. students.

If necessary, the number of participants will be limited to about 30-40 people to enable fruitful discussions.

Important Dates

Seminar will be held on Wednesdays, 12:15 - 13:45, in Tietotalo TB 110

Student Presentation Schedule

Student Demo Schedule

Proposed Outline for Presentations and Seminar Reports

Questions and Further Information

Questions related to the seminar may be sent to: (remove ".nospam" from the address before sending).

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