TIM 1.2.0

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TIM is a cross-platform open-source C++ library for efficient estimation of information-theoretic measures from continuous-valued time-series' in arbitrary dimensions. It has a Matlab interface as well as a console interface.

Important: The version 1.1.0, released 17.3.2011, included a critical bug which made TIM give completely erroneous results for multi-trial estimates. Please replace that version with the current version. Apologies for any problems this has caused.



Here you can download the latest version of TIM prebuilt for various platforms. The prebuilds have been done for Windows and Linux, in both 32-bit and 64-bit modes. For easy transition between platforms, we have packed all of these builds in the same package. To obtain previous versions, see the release history.

Download TIM Matlab 1.2.0

Download TIM Console 1.2.0

Note: For Windows, you need to have the Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package installed for the prebuilt TIM to work.

Note: Mac OS X builds are not provided for now, because we do not have a convenient access to such machine. However, it is possible to build TIM for Mac OS X (although OpenMP can not be supported).


The source-code for TIM is licensed under the GNU Lesser GPL license, which is unrestrictive and non-viral. It should be emphasized that the intent of publishing the source-code for TIM is purely for educational/research purposes, rather than for actually building software that depends on it. This is because we can't guarantee stable interfaces, i.e., we continue development of TIM and in this process can make breaking changes to interfaces.

Download TIM Source 1.2.0

To obtain previous versions, see the release history


We offer several ways to keep in touch with the development of TIM. Most of these features are available through the TIM development pages in Sourceforge. From there, you can

We encourage you to use these ways of interaction, rather than private e-mails, because this way the discussions benefit other people too.

Note on web-browsers

This documentation uses MathML to display inlined mathematics. Unfortunately not all browsers support MathML natively, including Internet Explorer. In this case you will not be able to see the mathematical expressions correctly. While there is a plug-in available (MathPlayer) for adding this capability to Internet Explorer, in our tests this combination crashed the browser when viewing these pages. According to Wikipedia, some major web-browsers that currently display MathML natively include Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Camino. At this point we can't do anything else than to direct you to use these browsers to view these pages.


The version 1.0 of TIM was programmed under funding from the EU project GABA (FP6-2005-NEST-Path 043309). TIM Console and most of the update from version 1.0 to 1.1 were programmed under funding from the Finnish Foundation for Technology Promotion.

German Gomez Herrero is the driving force behind the idea of creating TIM, having created a similar library in Matlab himself. German provided substantial amount of testing, feedback, and guidance during the development. He has also written the tutorials in this documentation.

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