Tommi Mikkonen

Tommi Mikkonen, professor

Room TF107, email tommi.mikkonen(at), phone +358-40-8490749.


I work as a full professor responsible for distributed and mobile software. More recently, I have also been looking into using the browser as the platform. At present, I'm on partial leave of absence, working for Mozilla connected devices.

In more detail, my research interests include mobile systems, web programming, distributed systems, software architectures, and aspect-oriented software development, as well as their different combinations. I am an active member of two research teams in the institute, Practise and DisCo. Moreover, during my recent visit at Sun Microsystems Laboratories, I have participated in the development of Sun Labs Lively Kernel. After returning to my own desk, we have composed a similar system on top of the Qt framework, so-called Lively for Qt.


In the field of teaching, I have been pioneering the teaching of mobile software development in Finland since 2002, and the classes have been transmitted to a number of different universities. I have recently completed a book on mobile software development, published by Wiley. The book is intended both for researchers and practitioners, and it will complement the courses in mobile software development that we are arranging regularly at our university. More recently, I've been teaching embedded programming in general, merging the most important lessons from mobile programming with the practice of programming in a restricted environment in general.

Academic output

5 supervised, and numerous opponented and reviewed doctoral dissertations.

200+ supervised and reviewed master's theses.

100+ publications of varying forms, including a number of journal articles and 3 textbooks

Brief professional history

2013-... Professor and the head of Institute of Pervasive Computing @ Tampere University of Technology, Tampere, Finland

2008-2012 Professor at TUT

2006-2008 Visiting professor at Sun Microsystems Research

2001-2006 Professor and the head of Institute of Software Systems @ Tampere University of Technology, Institute of Software Systems, Tampere, Finland

1999-2001 Chief software architect @ Nokia, Tampere, Finland; Introduction of software architecture management practices for two product lines.

1997-1999 Assistant professor @ Tampere University of Technology, Institute of Software Systems, Tampere, Finland

1996-1997 SW designer @ Space Systems Finland Ltd, Helsinki, Finland (majority of the work took place at the premises of a client in Cannes, France); Elaboration of system requirements to software requirements, architecture design of satellite software.

1992-1995 Researcher/Teaching assistant @ Tampere University of Technology, Institute of Software Systems, Tampere, Finland

1989, 1990, 1991 SW Engineering trainee @ Telecom Finland; Development of numerous auxiliary programs for reporting and analysis purposes.

Own Education

1999 Doctor of Technology in Software Engineering

1995 Licentiate of Technology in Software Engineering

1992 Master's degree in Software Engineering

1987 Matriculation examination

1968 Born