Seminar OHJ-1860 (1-4 op):
RESTful Application Design Seminar

Tampere University of Technology
Seminar OHJ-1860
Spring 2012

Seminar organizers:
Prof. Tommi Mikkonen
Mr Vlad Stirbu (Nokia)

Seminar Background and Motivation

The software industry is currently experiencing a paradigm shift towards web-based software. In the past few years, the Web has become a popular deployment environment for new software systems and applications such as word processors, spreadsheets, calendars and games. We believe that in the near future the vast majority of end-user software applications will be written for the Web, instead of conventional target platforms such as specific operating systems, CPU architectures or devices.

One of the advocated key technologies for web application is the RESTful architecture, which provides mechanisms for developing highly scalable services. However, at the same time, the required resource oriented way of designing systems is not always intuitive for programmers. Furthermore, little guidance for designing RESTful systems in real life exist.

Seminar Goals and Format

In this seminar, we will investigate the approaches for developing restful applications. Students will also build sample applications using at least one of the technologies mentioned above.

Presentations may be prepared and presented in English.

Intended Audience

The seminar is intended for third-year students and up. The seminar is suitable also for Ph.D. students.
If necessary, the number of participants will be limited to about 25-30 people to enable fruitful discussions.

Seminar Schedule and Presentation Topics

Seminar will be held on Tuesdays, 14:15 - 15:45, in Tietotalo TC103.

Tentative schedule for the seminar is as follows:

Proposed Outline for Presentations

Questions and Further Information

Questions related to the seminar may be sent to: (remove ".nospam" from the address before sending).

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