SGN-3906 Post-graduate seminar on Medical Image Processing (5 cr) 2008

The topic: Independent Component Analysis and applications to functional brain imaging

Instructor: Jussi Tohka

Material: Independent Component Analysis by Aapo Hyvärinen, Juha Karhunen, and Erkki Oja and some recent scholarly articles. Follow this link for more info on the book

Time: Wednesdays at 16.00 (not 16.15) - 17.45 during periods 4 and 5. Please note that the time differs from what is printed in the study guide.

Lecture Room: TB220

Requirements for completing the course are seminar presentation(s),at least 70 % attendance in the seminars and a short written summary about the presentation(s). Used assessment scale is passed/failed.

Registration for the course is possible during the first lectures, or (preferably) by emailing to the instructor


The course is suitable for postgraduate studies. Recommended Prerequisites as listed in the study guide.


All the presentations have been taken. You can select also from the part III of the book as your first presentation. (i.e. chapters 15,16,17,18, and 19 are also possible for those who have not yet booked their first presentation.)

Some possible topics for 2nd presentation
You can select to present one of these recent papers about applications/developments of ICA to brain imaging see the list . You can also present a paper that is not in the list. However, it should be a) a paper in a respected journal, b) it should be about ICA, c) it should have some relevance to brain imaging and/or neuroscience.

6th February 2008: The first meeting. Introduction to ICA. Reservation of the presentation times.

13th February 2008: No seminar

20th February 2008: Student presentations
Chapter 6 by Jukka-Pekka Kauppi
Chapter 7 by Asadul Haque
Note that we start already at 16.00, not 16.15

27th February 2008: Student presentations
Chapter 8 by Victor Popa

5th March 2008: Student presentations
Chapter 9 by Harri Pölönen
Chapter 10 and relevant parts from the part I of the book by Muhammad Hanif

12th March 2008: Student presentations:
Chapter 11 by Baran Aydogan
Chapter 12 by Lu Zhao

19th March 2008: No seminar

26th March 2008: No seminar

2nd April 2008: Student presentations.
Chapter 13 by Fikret Emre Kapucu

9th April 2008: Chapter 14 by Ali Bahrami Rad (presentation moved a week ahead)
Harri Pölönen will present the paper about ICA in MEG and EEG by R. Vigario et al.

16th April 2008: Jukka-Pekka Kauppi will present the paper by McKeown et al about fMRI and ICA
Other presentations TBA

23th April 2008: Lu Zhao will present the paper "Li YO, Adali T, Calhoun VD.Estimating the number of independent components for functional magnetic resonance imaging data"
Other presentations TBA

7th May 2008: Baran Aydogan will present the paper "Esposito F, Scarabino T, Hyvarinen A, Himberg J, Formisano E, Comani S, Tedeschi G, Goebel R, Seifritz E, Di Salle F. Independent component analysis of fMRI group studies by self-organizing clustering".
Fikret Emre Kapucu will present the paper by Jarno M.A. Tanskanen Jarno E. Mikkonen and Markku Penttonen; "Independent component analysis of neural populations from multielectrode field potential measurements", J Neurosci Methods, 145:213 - 232, 2005.

14th May 2008 : Ali Bahrami Rad will present: Makeig S, Jung TP, Bell AJ, Ghahremani D, Sejnowski TJ. Blind separation of auditory event-related brain responses into independent components. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1997 Sep 30;94(20):10979-84.
Muhammad Hanif will present Calhoun VD, Adali T.: Unmixing fMRI with independent component analysis. Engineering in Medicine and Biology Magazine, IEEE, Volume: 25 , Issue: 2, 2006
Asadul Haque will present the paper by J. Himberg et al. on Icasso, presentation moved a week ahead.