SGN-3906 Post-graduate seminar on Medical Image Processing (5 cr) 2012

The topic: Diffusion MRI

Instructor: Jussi Tohka

Material: Book: Diffusion MRI

Time: Wednesdays at 15.00 - 17.00.(tentative)

Lecture Room: TC314

Requirements for completing the course are seminar presentation(s),at least 70 % attendance in the seminars and opponenting other presentations. Used assessment scale is passed/failed.


The course is suitable for postgraduate studies.

Schedule: (preliminary)

1st February 2012: Introduction to diffusion MRI by the instructor, the schedule is planned.
How diffusion works
How the MRI works
General diffusion in the brain

15th February 2012: Pulse sequences for diffusion weighted MRI by Uygar Tuna

22nd February 2012: Gaussian modelling of the diffusion signal by Antonietta Pepe, opponent: J Johansson

29th February 2012: Multiple fibers: Beyond the diffusion tensor by Kaveh Samiee, opponent: Uygar Tuna

14th March 2012: Short overview of Chapters 5 - 7 by the instructor, Cross-subject comparison of local Diffusion MR parameters by Juha Pajula, opponent Antonietta Pepe

From Axons to tracts video

21st March 2012: Diffusion MRI in neurological disorderes and DTI in development and aging by Ullamari Hakulinen, opponents Kaveh Samiee and Antonietta Pepe

28th March 2012: Individual differences of White Matter Microstructure in the Healthy Brain and Diffusion Tensor Imaging and its Application to Schizophrenia and related disorders by Manoj Sivasubramaniapandian

4th April 2012: Guest lecture on tractography by Dr. Harri Pölönen from VTT. Short overview of MR Diffusion Tractography by the instructor (opponent Ullamari Hakulinen) and Validation of Tractography by Juha Pajula

11th April 2012: Comparing Brain Connections in Differennt Species using Diffusion Weighted Imaging by Jarkko Johansson, Imaging structure and function by Jarkko Johansson (opponent Manoj Sivasubramaniapandian)

18th April 2012: (If needed)

Reserved Chapters

Chapters 1 - 4 are taken (see above)

Chapters 9 and 10 reserved by Ullamari Hakulinen

Chapters 8 and 16 reserved by Juha Pajula

Chapter 21 reserved by Jarkko Johansson

Chapters 11 and 12 reserved by Manoj Sivasubramaniapandian