OHJ-2016 Utilization of Data Structures, I & II 2012

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  • Mikko Airaksinen, firstname.lastname@tut.fi
    Office: N/A.
  • Seppo Koivisto, firstname.lastname@tut.fi
    Office: TF109.

Important: if you send email to the TAs regarding the course, use your TUT account only, send the email to tiraka@cs.tut.fi and include "OHJ-2016 UDS" in the subject field. In addition, you can add the TA's first name in the subject field if your question is directed to either of them.

The weekly exercises, which are not compulsory, are done during the exercises. The goal of the exercises is to get to discuss and practise the lecture topics each week. It is possible to collect 0-3 bonus points out of ACTIVE attendance.

Weekly exercises are held on Wednesdays 10-12 in TC210 starting on 31.10.

Exercise problems

The problems are solved at the exercises together. It is a good idea to get to know them and think of the possible solutions beforehand.


60% of the points available in the byTheMark online learning environment need to be completed in order to pass the course. You can do these in your own pace but it is highly recommended you coplete tasks is byTheMark along the way.

You can register to byTheMark with you TUT account here and after registration access byTheMark here.


You can find the formulaattori asymptotic notation game at formulaattori.cs.tut.fi Currently the game is only available in Finnish, but playing it is possible without any special language skills.

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