OHJ-2016 Utilization of Data Structures, I & II 2012

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01.12.2011 Set of tests released for hw3
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The assignments

The students must submit three programming assignments during the course. The assignments cover the main topics of the course. The students are given 4-5 weeks to do and submit the solutions depending on the nature of the assignment. All three are graded and are a compulsory part of the course.

The assignments are programming tasks implemented in C++. The programming assignments must be implemented independently by the students. All parties are equally punished in case of plagiarism or excessive co-operation. The minimum penalty is rejection of the assignments and closing the students' Birdland accounts for six months.

The solutions to the assignments are submitted through the BOSS-system. The assignments have been divided into three units.

You need to get an account to Birdland in order to access BOSS. Note that all feedback concerning the assignments is sent to your Birdland account email.

Links to the given code files can be found in the specification pdf document.


AssignmentSoft deadline Hard DeadlineUnitTaskRestrictions
Algorithm 21.09.2012 28.09.2012 midnight hw1 dir No STL, vector OK
Data structure 26.10.2012 2.11.2012 midnight hw2 idol No STL
STL 03.12.2012 10.12.2012 midnight hw3 yasn STL compulsory

Note the general requirements of the assignments.

Deadline is always at 23:59 (11:59PM).

The deadlines aren't flexible. However, if the student has a very good reason (medical condition etc.), an extension to the deadline can be granted. In these cases the student must contact the TA before the deadline. The student must have a doctor's certificate or similar. Time management problems due to work or other courses are not valid reasons to get extra time neither is the common cold. Note also that the TA and the lecturer work during normal office working hours.

There is released a set of tests for third homework: hw3_yasn_testset.tar

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