Kaisa Väänänen

  • Professor Kaisa Väänänen  
    (previously Väänänen-Vainio-Mattila)
  • Human-Centered Technology (IHTE), unit of Computing, faculty of Information technology and communication sciences (ITC)
    Tampere University
    Korkeakoulunkatu 6, P.O. Box 589, 33101 Tampere, Finland
  • Office in Tietotalo building, room TE109
    Tel: +358-40-849 0731
    Email: kaisa.vaananen (at) tuni.fi


Since 2004, I am a full-time professor of usability in Tampere University (TUNI) (previously Tampere University of Technology), in the unit of Human-Centered Technology (IHTE), an interdisciplinary group of 15 researchers and research assistants. IHTE is located in the unit Computing at TUNI. We have research projects on a broad spectrum of topics, including user experience of mobile services and sensor-based systems, user-centered design and evaluation methods, and developing applications for societal purposes such as youth participation. We work closely with industrial partners and cooperate frequently with researchers from other interdisciplinary research groups. My teaching focuses on user experience and human-centered design of mobile and ubiquitous systems, and more recently of Human-Centered AI. I work actively in the international research forum, especially in the mobile HCI and CHI communities.

Before my full-time professorship in TUNI, I worked in various internal consultancy and research management positions in Nokia, Inc. in 1995-2004 (see my CV). I also held a part-time professorship in TUT during years 2000-2004. Before that, in years 1991-1995 I worked as a researcher in Computer Graphics Center in Darmstadt, Germany. I obtained my Dr. Tech. (Dr.-Ing.) degree in Technical University of Darmstad in 1995. Before that, I enjoyed my studies of software engineering in Technical University of Helsinki (1983-1991), artificial intelligence in University of Minnesota (1988-89) and Human-Computer Interaction in University of London (1989-1990).

My research interests cover, but are not limited to:

I served full six years (2013-2018) in Academy of Finland as a member of the Research Council for Natural Sciences and Engineering.

Since 2009, in the editorial board of Interacting with Computers journal (IwC) published by Elsevier.

Since 2016, the steering committee chair for the MobileHCI conference series.

In 2011, I was working part-time with Mobile Life Centre @ Stockholm University, enabled by Nokia Foundation's Visiting professor grant. I have also worked with Nokia Inc. in 1995-2004 and as a part-time visiting professor at Nokia Research Center on design and evaluation of user experience in 2008-2010.


I live with my family in Pirkkala which is a small town (well, a village :-) near Tampere, Finland. I have two children, Samuel (born 1999) and Helena (2003). During my free time, I do sports (biking, gym, running), travel and meet up with friends.

Last update: 8.2.2019