CEN/TC251/WGIV - Technology for Interoperability in Health Care

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The task of Working Group IV (WGIV) in the CEN/TC251 Technical Committee of Health Informatics is to develop standards which improve the interoperability of computerized health care information systems made by different manufacturers. The idea is not necessarily to develop standards from scratch if there are publicly available specifications which can be confirmed to European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) recommendations after some or no modification through a fast, open process. Practise has shown, however, that few are those specifications which do not require further development. WG IV co-operates closely with ISO/TC215/WG7 (in which some WG IV experts participate) and IEEE 11073.

Working Group IV has currently a relatively small number of active work items (WI). This is due to the fact that medical device communication issues are preferred to be solved with global and not just Europe specific standards. Documents relating to WGIV's WIs can be found through the documents section of the WGIV web site. In the past the WIs have included, e.g.:

The predecessors of WGIV have produced standard proposals which can be obtained through CEN Central Secretariat in Brussels, Belgium or through national standards bodies. Many of these are already more or less out of date. The leader (=convenor) of WGIV is Alpo Värri (Finland, E-mail: Alpo.Varri@tut.fi) nominated in September 2009 by CEN/TC251 and the secretary is Arto Holopainen, Finland.

The standardisation work of WGIV is also followed with interest by the Finnish WGIV mirror group which receives reports about WGIV meetings and other important events in its area of interest. The responsible organisation of following the CEN/TC251 in Finland is SFS.

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