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Photo of A.V.Dr.Tech. Alpo Värri is an associate professor in the Department of Signal Processing in the Faculty of Computing and Electrical Engineering of Tampere University of Technology (TUT). His research interests include the processing of physiological and sensory signals, pattern recognition, health informatics standards and microcomputer programming.

Contact address: Tampere University of Technology, Department of Signal Processing, TE308, (Tietotalo building) P.O. Box 553, FIN-33101 Tampere, Finland, Mobile: +358-40-8490780, fax: +358-3-3641352, e-mail: "Alpo.Varri" then add @-sign followed by "". Street address (for visitors and deliveries) is Korkeakoulunkatu 1, 3rd floor, 33720 Tampere. (See also an area map of TUT buldings.) My PGP signature for sending encrypted messages to me, valid until 14.6.2016.

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