SGN-1996 Signal Processing Thesis Seminar Presentation

Docent Alpo Värri

Time and place

The seminar is held in TB224/TB222 on Fridays at 9-11. The titles of the presentations are updated weekly to the seminar programme.


The student makes a presentation of his/her own Master's Thesis topic area for a target group of advanced undergraduate students in the Faculty of Computing and Electrical Engineering. Usually a teacher from the institute to which the thesis has been made attends the seminar, too. The regular amount of presentations in a seminar is four in a two hour seminar. This means that each presentation should not last longer than 15-20 minutes.


  1. The course can be passed by giving one's presentation in an acceptable way. The audience can ask questions about the presentation and the thesis.
  2. A maturity test is also related to the seminar presentation. The student must prepare a three-page document about the topic area of his/her thesis and deliver it to the supervising professor and Alpo Värri at least one week before the seminar presentation. The three pages should not contain illustrations or tables but only plain essay text.


Alpo Värri 12.11.2010