Computerized EEG research in Tampere

The Tampere group has studied the computerized analysis of the EEG and related physiological signals since 1984 in different projects financed by the Academy of Finland and the Occupational Safety Fund. Some of the projects are related to the science programs of the European Union. The application areas include epilepsy, sleep, vigilance, and anaesthesia. The studies have been carried out in co-operation with the Signal Processing Laboratory of Tampere University of Technology, the Health Care Technology Group of Laboratory of Information Technology of the Technical Research Center of Finland, Tampere University Hospital, the Medical Faculty of Tampere University and most recently the Electronics Laboratory of Tampere University of Technology. The applied methods include adaptive segmentation, nonlinear filtering, transforms, conventional pattern recognition, artificial intelligence, heuristics, fuzzy systems analysis and neural networks.

Some EEG data has been made available for research purposes in EDF format in our ftp site in the address The data are not annotated and the user has to understand their contents him/herself. There are also some MS-DOS programs for the manipulation of the EDF files. (Students who are unaware what 16-bit binary integer files are should ask that from their supervisors.)

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Note: These EEG research pages were up to date in 1995 but not anymore.