A representative of your organisation is kindly invited to participate a


New European Standard Biosignal Storage Format

to be held in VDE-Haus, room 230, Stresemannallee 15, 60596 Frankfurt am Main, Germany (Tel. +49-69- 63 08-0, Fax +49-69-6 31 29 25) on Monday March the 15th at 11:00 o'clock with the following program

11:00 Opening, aims and objectives of the workshop (Alpo Värri, Finland)

11:15 Health informatics standardisation in Europe within CEN/TC251/WGIV - the practical way (Melvin Reynolds, UK)

12:00 Vital Signs Information Representation standard proposal - a major step towards the solution of biosignal measurement interoperability (Christoph Zywietz, Germany)

12:30 Lunch (sandwiches?)

13:30 A short review of biosignal data formats (Alpo Värri, Finland)

13:45 Draft proposal for a File Exchange Format for Vital Signs (Thomas Penzel, Germany)

14:00 Discussion (time for questions and expressions of interest)

15:15 Closing of the meeting

The goals of the workshop are to present the method how European health informatics standards are prepared, what standardisation activity exists in the biosignal and biomedical measurement field, introduce the starting work item on a biosignal file exchange format standard and to invite interested manufacturers of biomedical measurement devices and other organisations to participate and influence this work. This informal workshop is organised by active members of CEN/TC251/WGIV who are also the presenters in the workshop.

The workshop is free of charge but in order to reserve a sufficiently large meeting room a registration is required.
The registration can be sent to

Dr. Thomas Penzel, Schlaflabor, Klinikum der Philipps Universität, Baldingerstrasse 1, P.O. Box 2360, D-35033 Marburg, Germany

or faxed to the number


by March the 8th, 1999. More information about the workshop can be obtained from:

Dr. Alpo Värri (tel. +358-3-3652575, e-mail: or from
Dr. Thomas Penzel (tel. +49-6421-286435, e-mail:

More information of the present status of the file exchange format specification can be obtained from the Internet in through which the latest version is also available.

It is also possible to follow the progress of the work by joining an electronic mailing list. This can be done by faxing/mailing the registartion form to the abovementioned address.