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The documents in this directory "http://www.cs.tut.fi/~varri/tc251/pt40/" are intended for the use of all people interested in the PT-40 work. Follow these pages to know what happens in the definition of the File Exchange Format for Vital Signs.

On 31.7.2001 the project team delivered its Final version 1.0 for formal vote to the CEN/TC251 secretariat. It includes some changes to the First working document of 23.2.2001. This was still modified in Fall 2002. Due to the copyright restrictions imposed to the final version by the CEN central secretariat, the PT-40 is not allowed to make the final version available through the www. The next to final version (1.3MR) is, however, available. The changes to it are practically cosmetic and do not change the implementation of the standard. More information about the availability of the final version can be requested from the CEN/TC251/WG IV convenor Melvin Reynolds, E-mail: melvinr + @ + ams-consulting.co.uk.

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Note that the inclusion of these links does not imply that all the documents below have been used or are necessary for the understanding and implementation of the File Exchange Format. What the list implies is that one or more project team members have looked into these documents.

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