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Vip (Visual InterPreter) is a visual interpreter tool for learning programming in C++. VIP shows the internal state of the program and evaluation of statements step-by-step.

The programming language is a C++ dialect which contains the relevant aspects for introductory programming. Primitive types, basic operators, structs, vector, string etc. are implemented.

VIP has been developed to assist teaching introductory programming at Tampere University of Technology department of Computer Science.

Vip is based on the C++ interpreter called Clip.


No installation is required.


Instructions for use

Vip's main window shows the program state and source code. The window contains control buttons for controlling the execution.

Edit -button opens the code editor. The modifications are accepted using the Commit-button.

How to make examples for VIP

Examples and exercises

Documentation and source code

Source code for Vip is available under GPL version 2 or later.

Source code can be accessed from subversion repository at gna.org.

Summary of tehcnical details about the implementation

Feedback, please

Any comments, rants, suggestions, bug reports etc. can be sent to vip@cs.tut.fi or Harri Järvi <firstname.surname@tut.fi>. All feedback is highly appreciated.

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