Yevgeni Koucheryavy
PhD, Senior Member IEEE

[ Evgeny Kucheryavy - Henkilökortti ]

Head of ET4NBIC Lab (Emerging Technologies for Nano-Bio-Info-Cogno)

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering
Tampere University of Technology
room TG408

e-mail: yk [at]
mobile: +358 (0) 40 7710619

Spring 2014 office hours: by email appointment

- cv
- Publications list

Ongoing teaching responsibilities
- ELT-51106 Computer Networking I
- ELT-53106 Computer Networking II
- ELT-53206 Peer-to-Peer Networks
- ELT-53306 Wireless Networking
- ELT-53406 Special Course on Networking
- ELT-53506 Seminar Course on Networking
- ELT-51106 Networking Laboratory I
- ELT-53006 Networking Laboratory II

Research/expertise areas
- wireless networks and systems
- nanocommunication networks
- IoT (Internet of Things), M2M

IEEE Service
- IEEE Communications Magazine, Associate Technical Editor. Impact Factor 3.785
- IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials, Editor. Impact Factor 6.311
- IEEE Communication Society Technology News, Editor
- IEEE MMTC Committee Co-Chair of Interest Group on Distributed and Sensor Networks for Mobile Media Computing and Applications
- IEEE Globecom 2014, Austin, Texas, US. NGN symposium Co-Chair

Ongoing research projects
- IoT (Internet of Things) Strategic Research Agenda, funded by DIGILE/TEKES, 2012 - 2015, PI.
- 5G, funded by Intel, 2014, PI.
- Nanocommunication Networks, FiDiPro, funded by Academy of Finland, Prof. Ian F. Akyildiz, Georgia Tech, USA, 2012 - 2016, PI.
- WiNeMO: Wireless Networking for Moving Objects, IC0906, funded by ESF COST, 2009 - 2014, Chair.

Past research projects
- HetNets, funded by Intel, 2013, PI.
- Energy-Efficient Cooperative Approaches for Machine-to-Machine Communication, funded by Academy of Finland, 2012 - 2013, PI
- D2D, funded by Intel, 2012-2013, PI.
- Future Ubiquitous Services and Applications UBISERVE, funded by TEKES, NSN and Nokia, 2010 - 2012, PI.
- ICT SHOK Future Internet Programme, funded by Tekes, 2008 - 2012.
- Cross-layer performance control and optimization system for wireless channels. Academy of Science, Finland. 2006 - 2009.
- ICT SHOK, TEKES, Finland, 2008 - 2009.
- COST 290 Wi-QoST: Traffic and QoS Management in Wireless Multimedia Networks, ESF COST, 2004 - 2008.
- IST FP6 NoE E-NEXT. 2003 – 2005.
- ICEFIN. TEKES. 2002 – 2004.

Ten Selected Publications

1. S. Andreev, A. Pyattaev, K. Johnsson, O. Galinina, Y. Koucheryavy, "Cellular Traffic Offloading onto Network-Assisted Device-to-Device Connections", IEEE Communications Magazine, April 2014.

2. S. Balasubramaniam, S. Ben-Yehuda, S. Pautot, A. Jesorka, P. Lio', Y. Koucheryavy, "A Review of Experimental Opportunities for Molecular Communication", Nano Communication Networks, Elsevier, 2013.

3. M. Gerasimenko, V. Petrov, O. Galinina, S. Andreev, and Y. Koucheryavy, “Impact of MTC on Energy and Delay Performance of Random-Access Channel in LTE-Advanced”, Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies, Wiley, 2013.

4. S. Andreev, Y. Koucheryavy, N. Himayat, P. Gonchukov, A. Turlikov “Energy Efficient Communications for Future Broadband Cellular Networks”, Elsevier Computer Communications, vol. 35, no. 14, pp. 1662-1671, Impact Factor 0.958 (5-year).

5. A. Vinel, E. Belyaev, K. Egizarian, Y. Koucheryavy, “An Overtaking Assistance System Based on Joint Beaconing and Real-TimeVideo Transmission”, IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, Vol 61, Issue: 5, Page(s): 2319-2329, June 2012. Impact factor 1.485 (2010).

6. S. Andreev, O. Galinina, Y. Koucheryavy "Energy-Efficient Client Relay Scheme for Machine-to-Machine Communication", IEEE Globecom 2011, Houston, TX, USA.

7. A. Vinel, C. Campolo, J. Petit, Y. Koucheryavy, “Trustworthy Broadcasting in IEEE 802.11p/WAVE Vehicular Networks: Delay Analysis”, IEEE Communications Letters, Vol. PP(99) : p. 1–3. 2011. ISSN: 1089-7798. Impact factor 1.059 (2010).

8. C. Campolo, A. Vinel, A. Molinaro, Y. Koucheryavy, "Modeling Broadcasting in IEEE 802.11p/WAVE Vehicular Networks", IEEE Communications Letters, Volume: 15, Issue: 2, 2011 , Page(s): 199 - 201. Impact factor 1.059 (2010).

9. D. Moltchanov, Y. Koucheryavy and J. Harju, "Performance response of wireless channels for quantitatively different loss and arrival statistics", Elsevier Performance Evaluation, Volume 67, Issue 1, January 2010, Pages 1-27. Impact factor 1.516 (5-year).

10. D. Moltchanov, Y. Koucheryavy and J. Harju, “Cross-layer modeling of wireless channels for data-link and IP layer performance evaluation”, Elsevier Computer Communications, Volume 29, Issue 7, 24 April 2006, Pages 827-841. Impact Factor 0.958 (5-year).

Professional activities
- FRUCT, Finnish-Russian University Cooperation in Telecommunications, Chair of Advisory board
- Member of the Steering Committee of International Master's Degree Programme in IT

Conferences (I'm currently involved in)

- IEEE Globecom 2014, Austin, Texas, US. NGN symposium Co-Chair
- IEEE BlackSeaCom 2014, Odessa, Ukraine. Academic Participation Chair
- ACM NANOCOM 2014, Atlanta, GA, US. Tutorials Chair
- NEW2AN 2014, the 14th NEW2AN, St.Petersburg, Russia, August 2014. General Chair

Editorial board membership
- IEEE Communications Magazine, Associate Technical Editor
- IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials, Editor
- Transactions on Emerging Telecommunication Technologies, Wiley

Call for papers pages and related
- acceptance ratio of valuable communications conferences (USA)

Other activities
- ERCIM eMobility Working Group
- OPNET Modeler @ TUT

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