Personal Information: Antti Tapani Mäkelä
Born: 10 Aug 1977
Contact Information: Phone: +358-40-8244170

E-mail address:
Summary I'm an expert on communication networks, especially IP networks, who has experience across the board from fixed to mobile, from core to edge. I've participated in research and development tasks including solution/device testing, network planning and implementation, network security, software design and standardization, and I'm in the process of writing my doctoral dissertation. In addition I've had interest to computing ever since childhood, which has lead to widespread interest and experience among variety of systems, including administration tasks related to Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris operating systems and several ancilliary functions such as databases, storage and related scripting languages.
Work experience:  
04/2009- Vintor Oy
Senior Architect

  • Part time specialist/consultant in conjuction with doctoral work at Aalto University (04-2009-12/2011)
  • Full time (01/2012)-
I'm currently working for Vintor as an architect focusing on firewalls and routers, including working with Cisco ASA product line and IOS-based routers. In addition, I have experience with Cisco Quickset (previously Tandberg)-based Videoconferencing systems. A recent addition to my expertise are Palo Alto firewalls.
04/2009-03/2012 Helsinki University of Technology/Aalto University,
Department of Communications and Networking

I was a researcher at Helsinki University of Technology, Department of Communications and Networking. Bulk of the work was related to Future Internet Project and conducting research for my doctoral dissertation.

05/2000 - 04/2009 Sonera Oyj / Teliasonera Corporation
Long career consisting of positions as
  • Trainee/M.Sc Thesis worker (05/2000-06/2002)
  • R&D Specialist (06/2002-04/2006)
  • Senior Network Architect (04/2006-)

I've obtained the bulk of my work experience in R&D of Sonera and later Teliasonera corporations. During my trainee period, I became familiar with the functionality of different IP-network elements, especially in relation to performance testing. My competence later expanded towards mobile networks, where I initially designed and implemented a system to measure performance of the gateway node between mobile core and other networks. During the post-graduation career, I've participated in numerous and varied projects, of which the most important ones have been

  • Working as an expert in Intelligent GGSN project. The objective was, after Teliasonera-merging, to homogenize the diverse vendor base in various mobile network cores around the Nordic countries to achieve synergy benefits. My role included evaluating several different vendors both on paper and in practical lab experiments and giving recommendation on the best choice from technical perspective.
  • Several IPv6-related projects, where the goals were to eventually start up IPv6 technology offerings from Teliasonera.
  • Acting as a security specialist in several TEKES (Technology advancement center of Finland)-funded projects. After long experimenting and development period with various security-related tools, one of the highlights include a company wide documentation on how to validate the robustness of any new technologies, software and hardware, from security perspective.
  • Standardization work in IETF organization and collaboration with Finnish research organizations as part of TEKES-funded Mercone, WiseCiti and FI ICT SHOK projects. Primary standardization topic was enabling virtual operators by utilizing Mobile IP. Other topics have included vertical handover handling between various network technologies and initial introduction of P2PSIP towards corporate deployments.
  • Participation in next generation managed corporate network project, which covers managing customer network users across various network access technologies and the security of their workstations and other terminals.
09/1999-12/2000 Tampere University of Technology
Teaching assistant, Introductory course to computing

Experience from three semesters on the mandatory course given to all new TUT students, detailing usage of basic office software and TUT's systems, such as course registration.

05/1996-08/1996 Liha-Saarioinen Valkeakoski
Foodstuff worker, meat packing plant. Summer internship.
06/1995 Forchem OY Valke
Internship at machine repair plant ("Work for a grand"-campaign)
6/2012- Palo Alto Accredited Configuration Expert (ACE)
5/2008- Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) Routing & Switching,
CCIE #20962

Certification will remain active until 5/2020

2012 D.Sc (tech)
Aalto University, School of Electrical Engineering, Espoo, Finland
Department of Communications and Networking

Defense held on August 17, 2012. Doctoral research conducted as part of other work.

2002 M.Sc of Engineering
Tampere University of Technology, Tampere, Finland
Department of Computer Sciences
1996 Matriculation examination
Valkeakoski High School, Valkeakoski, Finland
1997 Military rank: Private in Reserve
Armored communications company, I/97 Operations platoon, Parolannummi
Finnish: Native language
English: Excellent, publications, talks held in English
8 study weeks in Tampere University of Technology
Japanese: Passable, suffering from declined usage
8 study weeks in Tampere University of Technology
Swedish: Passable
8 study weeks in Tampere University of Technology
German: Beginner
5 courses in Valkeakoski High School
Doctoral Dissertation On Providing Reliable and Economical Intranet Connectivity, Department of Communications and Networking. Aalto University publication series DOCTORAL DISSERTATIONS 66/2012.
  Comparison of load-balancing approaches for multipath connectivity, A. Mäkelä, S. Siikavirta, J. Manner, in Computer Networks, Volume 56, Issue 8, Pages 2179-2195, May 2012.
  Home Agent assisted Route Optimization between Mobile IPv4 Networks, A. Mäkelä, J. Korhonen IETF RFC 6521, February 2012.
  Performance of an economical, redundant system for intranet connectivity A. Mäkelä, J. Manner, in proceedings of the 16th IEEE symposium on Computers and Communications (ISCC'11), June 2011
  Economic feasibility analysis of seamless multi-homing WAN solution, A. Mäkelä, H.Warma,K.Kilkki, A. Decros, J. Manner, in proceedings of 7th EURO-NF conference on next generation Internet (NGI 2011), June 2011
  Bundling consumer connections - a performance analysis, A. Mäkelä, J. Manner, in proceedings of The 1st International Workshop on Protocols and Applications with Multi-Homing Support (PAMS 2011), March 2011
  Space-efficient signaling scheme for IP prefix and realm information in Virtual Networks, A. Mäkelä, J. Korhonen, in Infocommunications Journal III/2010, Special Issue on Novel Solutions for Next Generation Services pp. 34-45.
  Concept for providing guaranteed service level over an array of unguaranteed commodity connections, A. Mäkelä, in proceedings of The 25th Symposium On Applied Computing (ACM SAC 2010)
  Space-efficient signaling scheme for Home Agent Assisted Route Optimization for use in Virtual Networks, A. Mäkelä, J. Korhonen, in proceedings of The 10th International Conference on Telecommunications (ConTEL 2009)
  HIP Based Network Access Protocol in Operator Network Deployments, J. Korhonen, A. Mäkelä, T. Rinta-Aho, in proceedings of First Ambient Networks Workshop on Mobility, Multiaccess, and Network Management (M2NM 2007)
Master's Thesis Developing methods for GGSN performance testing, 2002
Tähdet & Avaruus 2/2010 Seitsemän askelta tähtikuvaukseen
Tähdet & Avaruus 7/2005 Tähtikuvauskameravertailu, Canon 5D vs. 20Da vs. 350D
Computing Member of Modeemi Ry
Role-playing games Member of Tampere University of Technology students role-playing game club Excalibur
Astronomy and space technology Member of Finnish astronomical association Ursa, and it's local branch Tampereen Ursa, retired member of Tampere University of Technology space technology club Castor