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Paris, France, April 28th, 2013

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Accepted Papers in EIPS 2013

You can download the full proceedings, or check for individual papers below.

Session 1: Public Displays and Community

Curiosity Objects: Using Curiosity to Overcome Interaction Blindness. Steven Houben and Christian Weichel

Evaluating Community Response to Content on Public Displays. Niels Wouters, Jonathan Huyghe, Nicky Sulmon, David Geerts and Andrew Vande Moere

Community Beat: Revealing the Hidden Rhythms of a Neighbourhood. Rowanne Fleck, Craig Robertson and Chloe Fleck

Situated Displays vs. Municipal WiFi: Comparing the Interactivity of Two Public Infrastructures. Anna Luusua, Johanna Ylipulli and Timo Ojala

Inaccessible Augmentations: Ambient Displays Two Sides of Space.Tasos Varoudis and Zeta Kachri

Session 2: Playful and Performative

Mammoth Stickman plays Tetris: whole body interaction with large displays at an outdoor public art event. Derek Reilly, Dustin Freeman, Fanny Chevalier, Nathan Lapierre, Derek Neil and Jihal Patel

Playful Interactions Stimulating Physical Activity in Public Spaces. Janienke Sturm, Tilde Bekker, Vero Vanden Abeele, Stine Liv Johansen, Mark van Kuijk and Ben Schouten

Bringing Performance Art into Everyday Life Situations. Anne-Marie Hansen

Using Participatory Performance to observe Social Encounters in Public Space. Robyn Taylor, Guy Schofield, John Shearer, Peter Wright, Pierre Boulanger and Patrick Olivier

Low Resolution Displays for Performative Interaction in Public Spaces. Julie Williamson, Daniel Boland, John Williamson, Rod Murray-Smith and Stephen Brewster

Social Interaction with an Interactive Media Installation in a City Center. Jonna Häkkilä, Olli Koskenranta, Maaret Posti and Leena Ventä-Olkkonen

Session 3:
Social Aspects

Mediating Exposure in Public Interactions. Dan Chalmers, Paul Calcraft, Ciaran Fisher, Luke Whiting, Jon Rimmer and Ian Wakeman

Social Devices as a New Type of Social System: Enjoyable or Embarrassing Experiences? Kaisa Väänänen-Vainio-Mattila, Thomas Olsson, Jarmo Palviainen and Pradthana Jarusriboonchai

Blobulous: Computers As Social Actors. Duy Le, Mathias Funk and Jun Hu

Exploring spatial configurations and the roles of actors, spectators and passers-by in mediated public spaces. Moritz Behrens and Ava Fatah Gen. Schieck

Session 4: Attending Exhibitions

Isolating the private from the public: reconsidering engagement in museums and galleries. Dirk Vom Lehn, Paul Luff, Christian Heath and Jason Cleverly

Privacy Under Negotiation: Participation in Public Interactive Art. Nedine Kachornnamsong

How Can Personalization Shape Social Action in Cultural Spaces? Elena Not and Daniela Petrelli

Liberating Public Cameras. Katherine Isbister, Holly Robbins, Lawrence O'Gorman, Yafeng Yin, Gang Cao, Xiaofeng Chen, Lei Tang, Xinzhao Liang and Joanna Wang

Design and evaluation of a multi-user educational touch screen in the zoo. Jan Henk Annema and Jan Derboven

Session 5: Perceptual Frameworks

Digital Inclusion and Public Interactivity: How Do Mobile Phones Affect Intergenerational Awareness and Connection in Public Spaces? Dave Harley

Towards Understanding the Cognitive Effects of Interactivity. Florian Alt and Stefan Schneegass

The Perceptual Cloud. Tomás Laurenzo

Session 6: Different Modalities and Form Factors

I Can Hear You  Private, Public, and Social Sonic Interactions in Public Spaces.Antti Jylhä, Cumhur Erkut and Giulio Jacucci

Gesturing at Architecture: Experiences & Issues with New Forms of Interaction. Evan Morgan, Hatice Gunes and Dominic Harris

The Challenge of Maintaining Interest in a Large-Scale Public Floor Display. Jon Bird, Daniel Harrison and Paul Marshall

Pico Projection for Performative Place Based Services. Liam Betsworth, Simon Robinson and Matt Jones

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