DELUX - Delightful Long-Term User Experience: Creating Customer Loyalty

DELUX is a two-year research project launched in 2011. DELUX investigates long-term user experience in order to understand how to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty in prolonged product use. DELUX research team works in the Unit of Human-Centered Technology in Tampere University of Technology, Finland. The project is funded by Tekes and our industrial partners Nokia, Fiskars, Suunto and PAF.

The objective is to develop methods, tools, and practices for measuring how the users of products experience products in the long-term use, and analyzing the gathered data for design purposes. The project further develops and tailors new long-term measurement methods and software tools together with Finnish enterprises. DELUX also builds on research work made in previous SUXES project.


The project will combine knowledge from psychology, consumer research, user-centered design, and design. A multiple case study research design strategy is adopted to investigate and understand long-term user experience and its dimensions in different contexts of usage. For example, a topic of a case can be a new service and its long-term user experience that is followed throughout the use cycle. Each case study gathers empirical evidence that adds to the general knowledge on long-term user experience.

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