Due to limited space in the manuscript, we have added more example images in this web site. In addition, examples given in this page have higher resolution, and therefore many details are more visible.

Figure 1. Simulated image where cells are located in spatially varying focus levels (left), and corresponding ideal image (right).
Figure 2. Illustration of textures with different properties simulated on same object.
Figure 3. Simulated images with different error sources: (1) uneven illumination, (2) background autofluorescence, (3) high CCD noise.
Figure 4. Spatially dispersed cells (left) and cells clustered together (right).
Figure 5. Simulated image with fluorescently labeled cytoplasm (red) and nuclei (blue).
Figure 6. Simulated cell array experiment with 16 spots.
Figure 7. Example images for testing software tools for automated image cytometry. The images used in the manuscript are individually available here . The parameters used in different analysis tools are available here .