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ICEFIN is a major project of the Networks and Protocols Group of the Institute of Communications Engineering at TUT (Tampere University of Technology).  In 2002, ICEFIN received the status of a spear head project from Tekes (National Technology Agency) together with an annual funding of 270 000 € for three years, 2002 - 2004.

The purpose of the ICEFIN research laboratory is to study such network level issues that have turned out to be problematic in terms of scalability, mobility and security of the current and future Internet. The advances of lower layer technologies in high speed optical transmission, as well as in wireless communications, show a great promise, but full-scale utilization of those developments is not very straightforward. The following four issues have been selected as the focus areas of this project:

Additional goal is to test these techniques in the university campus network and, later, in a multioperator experimental network that will be built around the Tampere region Internet Exchange Point, TREX.

The main focus of the project is on wireline networking, but connecting wireless LANs with the wireline Internet creates problems that deeply concern every technique mentioned above. First, the limited capacity of air interface stresses the need of Quality of Service, secondly, the broadcast nature of the wireless transmission media emphasizes the role of data security, and, thirdly, the increasing amount of mobile users has immediate impact on IP level solutions, such as Mobile IP and transition to IPv6. Therefore it is important to have a proper combination of wireless and wireline elements in the studied networking environment.

Research Group

Head of the group
Professor Jarmo Harju

Senior researchers
Lecturer Jukka Koskinen
Special researcher Yevgeni Koucheryavy
Special reseacher Andrey Krendzel

Laboratory engineer
Heikki Vatiainen, MSc

Researchers (MSc, PhD students):
Avadora Dumitrescu
Sami Keski-Kasari
Dmitri Moltchanov
Jani Peltotalo
Sami Peltotalo
Kimmo Pulakka
Bilhanan Silverajan

Roman Dunaitsev, MSc (from SUT, St. Petersburg, Russia, with CIMO grant)
Mark Borst, MSc (from University of Twente, Netherlands, with Erasmus grant)

In addition to the people mentioned above, several MSc students are working as research assistants in the projects of the group.


More than 45 peer-reviewed international papers have been published in conferences and journals. See the complete list of publications 2002 - 2004.

One PhD thesis, two PhD thesis manuscripts and nine MSc theses have been done within this project, see the descriptions of the sub-projects (QoS, IPv6, WLAN&Security and Multicast).

ICEFIN Workshop 2004, Wednesday 28.4.2004 at TUT, Tietotalo TB109, 10:00 - 15:00

Institute of Communications Engineering (ICE)

Digital Media Institute (DMI)
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E-Next  NoE - FP6 IST Network of Excellence in emerging network technologies
Eunice - a network of European universities and companies in Communication Engineering
EUNICE 2004 -10th EUNICE Summer School "Advances in fixed and mobile networks" at TUT in June 14 - 16, 2004.

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