Selected Journals 2010 - 2013

  1. S. Andreev, O. Galinina, A. Pyattaev, K. Johnsson, and Y. Koucheryavy, “Network-Assisted Offloading of Cellular Data Sessions onto Device-to-Device Connections”, submitted to IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications: Special Issue on D2D, May 2013. JFO 3
  2. S. Balasubramaniam, S. Ben-Yehuda, S. Pautot, A. Jesorka, P. Lio', Y. Koucheryavy, "A Review of Experimental Opportunities for Molecular Communication", Nano Communication Networks (accepted), Elsevier, 2013.
  3. N. Vassilieva, Y. KoucheryavyEffect of AMC on fixed-rate traffic with hard delay constraints in mobile broadband systems”, Wiley Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing (accepted), published online April 11, 2013. JFO 1
  4. M. Gerasimenko, V. Petrov, O. Galinina, S. Andreev, and Y. Koucheryavy, “Impact of MTC on Energy and Delay Performance of Random-Access Channel in LTE-Advanced”, Wiley Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies, 2013.
  5. E. Belyaev, P. Moltchanov, A. Vinel, Y. Koucheryavy, “The use of automotive radars in video-based overtaking assistance applications”, IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, 2013. JFO 3
  6. A. Vinel, E. Belyaev, Y. Koucheryavy“Power Control in See-Through Overtaking Assistance System”, IEEE Communications Letters, March 2013, vol 17, issue 3, pp. 612 – 615. JFO 1
  7. D. Moltchanov, Y. Koucharyavy, “Cross-layer modeling of wireless channels: an overview of basic principles,” Wireless Personal Communications, Springer, DOI: 10.1007/s11277-012-0896-8. JFO 1
  8. S. Andreev, P. Gonchukov, N. Himayat, Y. Koucheryavy, A. Turlikov, "Energy Efficient Communications for Future Broadband Cellular Networks," Elsevier Computer Communications, vol. 35, no. 14, pp. 1662 – 1671, 2012. JFO 1
  9. A. Vinel, E. Belyaev, K. Egizarian, Y. Koucheryavy, “An Overtaking Assistance System Based on Joint Beaconing and Real-TimeVideo Transmission,” IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, vol. 61, Issue: 5, Page(s): 2319-2329. Year: 2012. JFO 3
  10. A. Vinel, C. Campolo, J. Petit,     Y. Koucheryavy, “ Trustworthy Broadcasting in IEEE 802.11p/WAVE Vehicular Networks: Delay Analysis”, IEEE Communications Letters, Vol. PP(99) : p. 1–3. 2011. ISSN: 1089-7798. JFO 1
  11. C. Campolo, A. Vinel, A. Molinaro,   Y. Koucheryavy, " Modeling Broadcasting in IEEE 802.11p/WAVE Vehicular Networks," IEEE Communications Letters, Volume: 15, Issue: 2, Publication Year: 2011, Page(s): 199 - 201. JFO 1
  12. D. Moltchanov,   Y. Koucheryavy  and J. Harju, " Performance response of wireless channels for quantitatively different loss and arrival statistics", Elsevier Performance Evaluation, Volume 67, Issue 1, January 2010, Pages 1-27. JFO 2

Selected Conferences and Workshops 2010 - 2013

  1. N. Himayat, S.-p. Yeh, A. Y. Panah, S. Talwar, M. Gerasimenko, S. Andreev, Y. Koucheryavy Multi-Radio Heterogeneous Networks: Architectures and Performance”, IEEE ICNC 2014, February 3 – 6, 2014, Honolulu, Hawaii, US. Invited position paper.
  2. M. Gerasimenko, N. Himayat, S.-P. Yeh, S. Talwar, S. Andreev, Y. Koucheryavy, “Characterizing Performance of Load-Aware Network Selection in Multi-Radio (WiFi/LTE) Heterogeneous Networks”, BWA workshop, IEEE Globecom 2013, Atlanta, GA, US. Accepted.
  3. O. Galinina, A. Turlikov, S. Andreev, Y. Koucheryavy“Stabilizing Multi-Channel Slotted Aloha for Machine-Type Communications”, IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory (ISIT) 2013. Istanbul, July 2013.
  4. S. Andreev, A. Larmo, M. Gerasimenko, V. Petrov, O. Galinina, T. Tirronen, J. Torsner, and Y. Koucheryavy“Efficient Small Data Access for Machine-Type Communications in LTE”, in Proc. of the IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), 2013. Budapest, June 2013.
  5. M. Gerasimenko, V. Petrov, O. Galinina, S. Andreev, Y. KoucheryavyEnergy and Delay Analysis of LTE-Advanced RACH Performance under MTC Overload,” IEEE Globecom 2012, IWM2M, December 7, 2012, Anaheim, CA, US.
  6. A. Vinel, E. Belyaev, Y. Koucheryavy "Using of beaconing for robust video transmission in overtaking assistance applications," VTC Fall 2012, Quebec City, Canada, September 3 - 6, 2012.
  7. S. Andreev, O. Galinina,   Y. Koucheryavy  " Energy-Efficient Client Relay Scheme for Machine-to-Machine Communication", IEEE Globecom 2011, Houston, TX, USA.
  8. C. Campolo,   Y. Koucheryavy, A. Molinaro, A. Vinel “ Characterizing Broadcast Packet Losses in IEEE 802.11p/WAVE Vehicular Networks”, IEEE PIMRC 2011, Toronto, Canada, September 2011.
  9. A. Pyattaev, S. Andreev, O. Galinina,     Y. Koucheryavy " System-Level Evaluation of Opportunistic Client Cooperation in Wireless Cellular Networks", IEEE ICCCN 2011, Maui, HI, USA.
  10. S. Andreev, O. Galinina, A. Lokhanova,   Y. Koucheryavy  " Three Node Client Relay System with Packet Retry Limit", IEEE CAMAD 2011 (co-located with IEEE ICC 2011), Kyoto, Japan, June 2011.
  11. S. Andreev,   Y. Koucheryavy, N. Himayat, P. Gonchukov, A. Turlikov “ Active-Mode Power Optimization in OFDMA-Based Wireless Networks”, BWA 2010, co-located with IEEE GLOBECOM 2010, Miami, USA, December 6, 2010.
  12. A. Pyattaev, S. Andreev,   Y. Koucheryavy, D. Moltchanov “ Some modeling approaches for client relay networks”, IEEE CAMAD 2010, Miami, USA, December 3 - 4, 2010.


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Standardization Contributions

Three contributions in 3GPP RAN2.

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