MRG is a research group led by Professor Moncef Gabbouj. The aim of the group is to advance research in several research fields of multimedia signal processing, including audio, image and video. Multimodal and multidisciplinary research work will also be the focus of the multimedia group which will allow the group to engage in large scale academic and industrial projects.

Research Teams
•  Big Data and Machine Learning (MUVIS) Team
•  Salient Object Extraction (Quantum Cuts)
•  Video Research Team (3D Video Coding and Transmission) (Open position)

Research Topics and Projects
•  Signal Processing for Ambient Multimedia in Academy of Finland Center of Excellence in Signal Processing 2000-2005 and 2006-2011
•  Ubiquitous computing based on synchronous coding of the video by embedding audio into video (UbiVid)
•  Video Signal Processing
•  Nonlinear Signal Processing
•  Particle Swarm Optimization
•  Voice Conversion

Main MRG Recent Achievements

Quantum-Cuts salient object extraction won the IBM Best Student Paper Award at ICPR 2014

ICPR Best Paper Award

MUVIS systems ranked 2nd and 4th in MSR-Bing Image Retrieval Challenge [PDF]

MUVIS solution won 3rd place in Competition on Counter Measures to 2D Face Spoofing Attacks  at ICB 2013 [PDF]

Best Paper Awards at ISM 2011 and EUVIP 2013.

3DV-TM  has been selected as the basis of the initial TM for MVC+D and 3D-AVC standards development

More to come later (under construction)