Thesis Supervision

Your choice

You can of course join my research group to make your MSc or D.Sc.(Tech)/PhD thesis if there happen to be job openings (especially taking into account the current economic situation...). I can also supervise your thesis work remotely or locally if no funding is involved. If your thesis will relate to the design and/or implementation of DSP, digital communication, positioning and/or navigation, embedded or other processor based system or circuit, FPGA design, approximate computing, or System-on-Chip, do not hesitate to contact me, e.g., by email for further details.

For the MSc you should preferably have a major in Communications Engineering, Electronics, or Embedded Systems. The degree programme you are enrolled to does not matter much.

My experience

I have already (by December 2018) supervised 138 MSc theses, 5 Licentiate of Technology theses, 25 Dr.Sc.(Tech) theses, and been opponent or evaluator to 40 PhD theses. There are more of the doctorates coming further up in the pipeline (about 10 full-time and several part-time PhD students enrolled currently).