Thomas Olsson

Hey there! I'm Thomas. I'm an ambitious, forward-looking and idea-rich academic who believes in multi-disciplinary research and industry-academia collaboration. I am:

Adjunct Professor - Dr. Sc. (Tech.) - UX zealot
at Unit of Human-Centered Technology (IHTE)
Laboratory of Pervasive Computing
Tampere University of Technology

Leader of the
Social Technologies group.

Vice chair of the Board in
SIGCHI Finland

Co-Founder (and former UX wiseguy) in
Suuntaamo Ltd

I'm also elsewhere in the Internets and social media:
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Thomas Olsson

Short Bio:
I'm an adjunct professor at Tampere University of Technology where I've been doing research and teaching since 2006. In addition to the academic activities, I spent 1.5 years in UX concultancy Suuntaamo Oy, establishing its business, running cases, and gaining insight about the realities in software industry. I'm a user experience wiseguy, interested in the subjective experiential implications of technology use: how to design for superior UX, how to measure it, how to make it a commercial asset, and particularly looking into the social aspects of user experience. My research topics have covered, e.g., social use of user-generated content, online communities, social devices, mobile augmented reality, Big Data, haptic human-computer interaction, ubiquitous computing, proactive and context-aware systems, and playful technology.

Current Research:

My research interests relate mostly to user-centric issues and user experience in ubiquitous computing and other emerging technologies:

Current teaching & supervising theses:

Thesis topics available: I have several interesting thesis topics for UX / HTI students. If you're interested in a one, please send me email with your CV, study record and a letter of motivation.

Some of the past projects I've been involved in: